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The Science of Taking Market Share from Competitors

A proper evaluation of market share considers all the chairs within the marketing discipline. However if we want to deliver results then we need to address two pillars related to execution which are Culture and Approach. This post takes a refreshing look at these pillars and how disruptive technologies and purposeful vision can transform a stagnant market participant into an innovative industry force.

Management Consultant or Business Coach. Which One is Right for you?

A Coach will ask you the right questions and provide the right guidance that will help you achieve your goals. A consultant performs very similar functions but also actually does the work. This post discusses how to know which one is right for you.

Thoughts on Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process is the long-term vision of the company. It prepares the enterprise to thrive when faced with inevitable evolutionary challenges. Companies that can successfully navigate this part of their evolution are often market leaders for generations.