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Management Consultant or Business Coach. Which One is Right for you?

by: Thomas Beyer
on: November 4, 2016
Wordcount: 312

Management Consultant– An experience high level professional specializing in specific areas of enterprise management. Examples are Accounting, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, Strategic Planning, Technology, International, etc. Consultants often charge by the hour or by the project. Consulting arrangements include specific deliverables. Hourly fees can range from $125-$750 per hour depending topic area and project requirements.

Business Coach– An experienced “generalist” that provides advice and guidance to business owners. The objective is to assist the owner in taking their company to the next level and beyond. It’s often helpful to think of a coach as an Advisor. Coaches charge a monthly fees/retainers. Coaching includes weekly conversations and monthly meetings that focus on business plan implementation and goal attainment. Monthly fees can range from $2000-$5000 per month.

What’s the Difference between a Coach and Consultant?

A Coach will ask you the right questions and provide the right guidance that will help you achieve your goals. A consultant performs very similar functions but also actually does the work.

Beyer Management Consulting is Passionate about Value Based Management

At Beyer Management Consulting, Inc. we believe that when you focus is on increasing the value of your company, you will naturally design the right strategies, implement the proper business model, and execute the best tactics to beat your competition and build a long term sustainable enterprise.

There are two sayings we can really relate to:

Managing for Profit is Managing A Paycheck, Managing to Increase Value is Leadership.

Managers Do Things Right, Leaders Do The Right Thing!

At BMC we care about which approach works best for you. Whether you want a coach to learn “how” to improve the value of your company, or you need a consultants who will roll up their sleeves and “make it happen”, we’re accomplished both capacities. It just depends on what is best for your company.

management consultant
management consultant